Last holiday was a really boring holiday for me. I just stayed at home with my mother, my brother and my grandma. My family didn’t go out because my father had to work.

I did the same activity everyday during the holiday, and that is the reason why I call this “A Boring Holiday”. And the one that’s make me can’t enjoy this holiday is because my school hasn’t distribute my report.

In the morning after I prayed subuh, I took my bike and cycling around Madiun. The air was still fresh made me feel spirit.  It was really fun cycling around madiun. There were many people doing their own activities.

After I tired, I went home. I turned on the TV and watch my favorite programs. If I bored, I played computer or listened to the music. But sometimes I increased my music ability with my brother at my studio.

On Saturday, suddenly my father wanted to go out and had a vacation. But he confused where we must go.  Finally, we decided to go to the some PLTA in the surrounding of Madiun. I enjoyed it, absolutely. We went home before 5 o’clock.

I know, I didn’t go anywhere and just visit my father office, but I feel happy because I can spend this holiday with my happy family.